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Stress engineering using AlN/GaN superlattices for epitaxy of GaN on 200 mm Si wafers

  • Jie Su (a1), Eric A. Armour (a1), Balakrishnan Krishnan (a1), Soo Min Lee (a1) and George D. Papasouliotis (a1)...


Stress control using AlN/GaN superlattices (SLs) for epitaxy of GaN on 200 mm Si (111) substrates is reported. Crack-free 2 μm GaN layers were grown over structures containing 50 to 100 pairs of 3-5 nm AlN/10-30 nm GaN SLs. Compressive and tensile stress can be precisely adjusted by changing the thickness of the AlN and GaN layers in the SLs. For a constant period thickness, the effects of growth conditions, such as growth rate of GaN, V/III ratio during AlN growth, and growth temperature, on wafer stress were investigated.



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