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Stress Controlled MBE-growth of GaN:Mg and GaN:Si

  • Y. Kim (a1) (a2), R. Klockenbrink (a3), C. Kisielowski (a1), J. Krueger (a1), D. Corlatan (a1), G. S Sudhir (a1), Y. Peyrot (a1), Y. Cho (a1), M. Rubin (a3) and E. R. Weber (a1) (a3)...


The stress in GaN thin films grown on sapphire is shown to be determined by lattice mismatch, by differences in thermal-expansion-coefficients and by the incorporation of point defects. It can be controlled by the buffer layer thickness, the buffer layer growth temperature, the V/III flux ratio, and by doping. It is argued that a Fermi-level dependence of defect formation energies affects the material stoichiometry and thereby lattice constants and stresses. We observed that stress relaxation occurred if the stresses exceeded a critical compressive or tensile stress value. The stress changes materials properties. As an example, it is demonstrated that the electron Hall mobility in GaN:Si can be increased with constant electron carrier concentration if large compressive stress is present.



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Stress Controlled MBE-growth of GaN:Mg and GaN:Si

  • Y. Kim (a1) (a2), R. Klockenbrink (a3), C. Kisielowski (a1), J. Krueger (a1), D. Corlatan (a1), G. S Sudhir (a1), Y. Peyrot (a1), Y. Cho (a1), M. Rubin (a3) and E. R. Weber (a1) (a3)...


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