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Strained Layer Semiconductor Films: Structure and Stability

  • L. C. Feldman (a1), J. Bevk (a1), B. A. Davidson (a1), H.-J. Gossmann (a1), A. Ourmazd (a1), T. P. Pearsall (a2) and M. Zinke-Allmang (a2)...


Strained layer epitaxy is a process for the formation of new materials with a strain and composition modulation in the one to one hundred monolayer range. Two aspects of strained epitaxial growth are discussed in this paper. We first consider the clustering process, a basic limitation in strained layer epitaxy. A second experiment examines the strain in few monolayer epitaxial films of Ge embedded in Si(100). We show that the strain in these monolayer films is comparable to that expected from bulk elastic constants and discuss the new properties of these films.



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