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Strain Dependent Transport and Mechanical Characteristics of High-current and High-Strength Type Ag/Bi2223 Composite Superconductors

  • Malik Idries Adam (a1) and Kozo Osamura (a2)


Tensile strain dependence of electromechanical characteristics of high-current, (Hic) and high-strength, (Hs) type Ag/Bi2223 composite tapes measured at room temperature, RT and 77K is investigated. Mechanical strength of composites revealed strain-hardening signature in Bi2223 filaments due to plastic strain above the elastic limit. Critical current, Ic maintained constant value up to the elastic limit then decreased slowly before finally dropped to about 10% at 0.19% and 0.39% strain, signaling a three-stage limitation. Microstructure observations and electromechanical response of the composites suggest that a limited longitudinal, transverse, interfacial, granular and transgranular microcracks formed during gradual imposition of strain hardening in Bi2223 filaments may be responsible for the slow reduction of Ic in the medium mechanical stage.



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