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Spin-Resolved Photoemission Study of n = 2 Core Levels of Iron

  • L.E. Klebanoff (a1), D.G. Van Campen (a1) and R.J. Pouliot (a1)


The first spin-resolved x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (SRXPS) study of the n = 2 core levels of ferromagnetic Fe are reported. The 2p3/2, 2p1/2 and 2s core levels all display interesting spin-dependent structures and splittings. The spectral complexity predicted by a purely atomic picture is not observed in the data. The results indicate that theories incorporating the delocalization of the 3d valence band are more applicable to the description of core-level photoemission in iron.


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Spin-Resolved Photoemission Study of n = 2 Core Levels of Iron

  • L.E. Klebanoff (a1), D.G. Van Campen (a1) and R.J. Pouliot (a1)


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