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Spectroscopic Studies of Low Dielectric Constant Fluorinated Amorphous Carbon Films for Ulsi Integrated Circuits

  • Yanjun Ma (a1), Hongning Yang (a1), J. Guo (a2), C. Sathe (a2), A. Agui (a2) and J. Nordgren (a2)...


Performance of future generations of integrated circuits will be limited by the RC delay caused by on-chip interconnections. Overcoming this limitation requires the deployment of new high conductivity metals such as copper and low dielectric constant intermetal dielectrics (IMD). Fluorinated amorphous carbon (a-CFx) is a promising candidate for replacing SiO2 as the IMD. In this paper we investigated the structure and electronic properties of a-CFx thin films using high-resolution x-ray absorption, emission, and photoelectron spectroscopy. The composition and local bonding information were obtained and correlated with deposition conditions. The data suggest that the structure of the a-CFx is mostly of carbon rings and CF2 chains cross-linked with C atoms. The effects of growth temperature on the structure and the thermal stability of the film are discussed.



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