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Some Physical, Chemical and Mineralogical Properties of Some Canadian Fly Ashes

  • R. C. Joshi (a1) and B. K. Marsh (a1)


This paper gives physical and chemical properties of some Canadian fly ashes. Specific surface area, magnetic fraction, water soluble fraction and fraction finer than 45 μm were determined as part of the physical tests. Thermo-gravimetric analyses (TGA) in oxygen and nitrogen were conducted on raw ash samples. The change of pH with time in suspensions of the different ashes in water was also determined. Pozzolanic activity of the ashes with lime for all the ashes was evaluated to measure ash reactivity.

The ash activity seems to be related to fineness of the ash measured by the Blaine air permeability method, but not to the fineness measured by nitrogen sorption. Generally the greater the specific surface area, the higher the reactivity of the ash. The correlation was, however, not strong and no other physical or chemical parameter measured in this investigation seems to be related to pozzolanic activity.

The results of pH and TGA tests indicated that the ashes differ in many respects from each other. The TGA data suggest that loss on-ignition in many of the ashes is not entirely due to the presence of unburned carbon. Specific surface area determined by various methods seems to provide different values. No characterization parameter was found that was uniquely related to coal type.



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Some Physical, Chemical and Mineralogical Properties of Some Canadian Fly Ashes

  • R. C. Joshi (a1) and B. K. Marsh (a1)


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