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Solution Processed Resistive Random Access Memory Devices for Transparent Solid-State Circuit Systems

  • Yiran Wang (a1), Bing Chen (a1), Dong Liu (a1), Bin Gao (a1), Lifeng Liu (a1), Xiaoyan Liu (a1) and Jinfeng Kang (a1)...


A solution-processed method is developed to fabricate fully transparent resistive random access memory (RRAM) devices with a configuration of FTO/ZrO2/ITO, where the zirconium dioxide (ZrO2) layer was firstly deposited on fluorine tin oxide (FTO) substrate by sol-gel and then indium tin oxide (ITO) films were deposited on ZrO2 layer by sol-gel as the top electrodes.The solution processed FTO/ZrO2/ITO based RRAM devices show the fully transparency and excellent bipolar resistance switching behaviors. The resistance ratio between high and low resistance states was more than 10, and more than 100 switching cycles and good data retention and multilevel resistive switching have been demonstrated.


Corresponding author


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