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Soft X‐Ray Studies of Y‐Ba‐Cu‐O Thin Films Prepared by Laser Ablation

  • A. Krol (a1), C.J. Sher (a1), D.R. Storch (a1), L.W. Song (a1), Y.H. Kao (a1), S. Witanachi (a1), Y.Z. Zhu (a1), S. Patel (a1), D.T. Shaw (a1) and G.C. Smith (a2)...


Angular variation of x‐ray fluorescence due to oxygen atoms in high‐T Y‐Ba‐Cu‐O thin films is measured for the first time by using a new parallel plate avalanche chamber. This technique allows the possibility of nondestructive probing of the depth‐profile of oxygen atoms in the superconducting materials. Our preliminary results indicate that the near surface region of the Y‐Ba‐Cu‐O film may contain an oxygen‐depleted layer of thickness around 20 nm.



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1 Krol, A., Sher, C.J., Ming, Z.H., Lin, C.S., Song, L.W., Kao, Y.H., Smith, G.C., Zhu, Y.Z. and Shaw, D.T., Proc. Third Buffalo Conference on Superconductivity, in press.
2 Smith, G.C., Krol, A. and Kao, Y.H., preprint.
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4 Krol, A., Sher, C.J. and Kao, Y.H., Phys. Rev. B 38 (1988) 8579.
5 Krol, A., Lin, C.S., Sher, C.J., Ming, Z.H., Kao, Y.H., Chen, C.T., Sette, F., Ma, Y., Smith, G.C., Zhu, Y.Z. and Shaw, D.T., preprint.


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