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SnS Nanocrystals Sensitized ZnO Nanowire Arrays for Extremely Thin Absorber Vertical Junction Solar Cells

  • Firoz Alam (a1), Ambuj Misra (a2), Dinesh K. Pandya (a2) and Viresh Dutta (a1)


Surfactant-free SnS nanoparticles were synthesized using continuous spray pyrolysis (CoSP) technique and used as sensitizers on electro-deposited ZnO nanowire arrays for fabrication of extremely thin absorbing (ETA) layers. The high-surface-area nanowire layer on ITO substrate was directly over-coated by SnS nanoparticles. The morphology of the ZnO/SnS nanostructures showed the coverage of orthorhombic SnS nanocrystals on hexagonal ZnO prismatic nanowires. The crystalline phase of the ZnO/SnS nanostructures was studied using X-ray diffraction. Conducting AFM showed a nonlinear characteristics confirming the junction formation.



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