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Slow Relaxation in Polymeric Glasses by Two-Dimensional NMR

  • Alan A. Jones (a1), P. T. Inglefield (a1), Y. H. Chin (a1) and C. Zhang (a1)


A variety of relaxation and recovery experiments on polymeric glasses indicate a complex response in either the time or frequency domain1. The behavior is far from that seen in simple liquids where relaxation can be characterized in terms of exponential decay and a single time constant or rate. A variety of more complicated mathematical functions have been employed in an attempt to match the observed relaxation behavior of polymeric glassesl. One of the more successful mathematical forms is the stretched exponential correlation2 function which can be used to characterize experimental observations obtained from mechanical, dielectric, thermodynamic and spectroscopic investigations3.



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Slow Relaxation in Polymeric Glasses by Two-Dimensional NMR

  • Alan A. Jones (a1), P. T. Inglefield (a1), Y. H. Chin (a1) and C. Zhang (a1)


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