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Size-effect Stabilization of the Low-T Ferroelectric Phase in Nanocrystalline WO3

  • Xiang-Xin Bi (a1), W. T. Lee (a1), Kai-An Wang (a2), D. F. Collins (a3), S. Bandow (a4) and P. C. Eklund (a1) (a2)...


Using a CO2 laser to drive the pyrolysis of W(CO)6 and O2, we have synthesized nanocrystalline WO3-x particles. These nanopowders are found to exhibit a narrow size distribution with an average particle size produced in the range 5 to 10 nm, depending on the experimental conditions. Typical production rates are ∼ 2 g/h. Results from a Raman scattering study on WO3 nanopowder samples annealed in O2 indicate that a smaller particle size appears to stabilize the low-T ferroelectric phase ( < -40 °C) at room temperature.



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Size-effect Stabilization of the Low-T Ferroelectric Phase in Nanocrystalline WO3

  • Xiang-Xin Bi (a1), W. T. Lee (a1), Kai-An Wang (a2), D. F. Collins (a3), S. Bandow (a4) and P. C. Eklund (a1) (a2)...


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