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Site Occupation of Excess Al Atoms in Off-Stoichiometric γ-Tial: Measurement of Debye-Waller Factors

  • S. Swaminathan (a1), I. P. Jones (a2), D. M. Maher (a3) and H. L. Fraser (a1)


In recent years, the determination of x-ray structure factors and hence the electron charge density distribution in TiAl has received considerable attention. Experimental assessment of electron charge densities requires accurate values of the Debye-Waller (D-W) factors. This work attempts to determine the Debye-Waller factors from measurements of an Al rich off-stoichiometric single crystal of TiAl using the four circle x-ray diffraction method. The results suggest an ordered substitution of the excess Al atoms on the Ti-sublattice. This result is consistent with previous site occupancy studies.



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Site Occupation of Excess Al Atoms in Off-Stoichiometric γ-Tial: Measurement of Debye-Waller Factors

  • S. Swaminathan (a1), I. P. Jones (a2), D. M. Maher (a3) and H. L. Fraser (a1)


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