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Single-Source Precursors to Vanadium Nitride Thin Films

  • Charles H. Winter (a1), Valerie C. Viejo (a1) and James W. Proscia (a2)


Vanadium nitride films reflect infrared radiation and are candidates for solar control coatings for glass. Herein we report our efforts to prepare new precursors to vanadium nitride coatings. Treatment of vanadium tetrachloride with primary alkylamines in dichloromethane affords vanadium chloride amides of the empirical formula [VCI2(NHR)2(NH2R)2]. The characterization and properties of these compounds is presented. The complexes [VC12(NHR)2(NH2R)2] can be sublimed at ca. 100°C (0.1 mmHg) and serve as single-source precursors to vanadium carbonitride films. Films have been deposited in the temperature range of 400-600°C on glass and silicon substrates. The film properties and characterization will be overviewed.



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