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Single-Crystal AU-NI Solid Solutions Grown by MBE

  • A. Marty (a1), B. Gilles (a2), G. Patrat (a3), J. C. Joud (a2) and A. Chamberod (a1)...


Epitaxial solid solutions Au1-x Nix (100) have been obtained at room temperature on Au(100) substrates by the MBE technique. The layers are 10 nm-thick and the composition x has been varied up to 0.37. A large strain (2–3%) has been measured by X-ray diffraction. The lattice parameters have been measured in two perpendicular directions, perpendicular and parallel to the surface. In the latest case, the grazing-incidence technique has been used. Because this technique is very sensitive to the surface, the strain results may be re-interpreted if, the upperlOO nm are enriched in Au.



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