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Single crystallization of Ba8AlxSi46-x clathrate by using the flux Czochralski method

  • Yusuke Nakakohara (a1), Naoki Mugita (a1), Yuya Nagatomo (a1), Makoto Saisho (a1), Teruaki Motooka (a2), Ryo Teranishi (a1) and Shinji Munetoh (a1)...


We have synthesized single crystalline Ba8AlxSix-46 clathrates by using the flux Czochralski (CZ) method with Al-rich melt. The specific electric resistivity, the Seebeck coefficient and the power factor of single crystalline Ba8Al14Si32 were 0.73 mΩcm,70.0μV/K and 6.8×10-4 V2/K2Ωm, respectively. These values are higher than that of single crystalline Ba8Al12Si34 clathrate because of the reduced carrier concentration. It is indicated that Al contents and the carrier concentration of single crystalline Ba8AlxSi46-x can be controlled by using the flux Czochralski method.


Corresponding author


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