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SIMS and Cl Characterization of Manganese-Doped Aluminum Nitride Films

  • R. C. Tucceri (a1), C. D. Bland (a1), M. L. Caldwell (a1), M. H. Ervin (a2), N. P. Magtoto (a3), C. M. Spalding (a1), M. A. Wood (a2) and H. H. Richardson (a1)...


We have recently carried out MOCVD experiments that showed for the first time the doping of AlN thin films with manganese. Films of AlN that were doped with less than 0.1% of manganese showed emission bands at 427 nm, 488 nm and 600 nm in accordance with previous published excitation and emission spectra of manganese incorporated in bulk A1N. A film with a higher percentage of manganese (1.7%) grown on top of a pure A1N layer (underlayer) showed weak emission at 601 nm. A portion of the underlayer not covered during growth of the overlayer has a very strong emission band at 408 nm and a weaker band at 605 nm. SIMS and EDX analyses of this film revealed both carbon and oxygen contamination as well as diffusion of manganese into the A1N underlayer. The band at 408 nm is associated with direct gap emission from oxygen contaminated A1N and the band at 605 nm is from manganese incorporated by diffusion into the A1N underlayer.



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