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SiGe Nanowires Grown by LPCVD: Morphological and Structural Analysis

  • Andrés Rodríguez (a1), Jesús Sangrador (a2), Tomás Rodríguez (a3), Carmen Ballesteros (a4), Carmelo Prieto (a5) and Juan Jimenez (a6)...


SiGe nanowires were grown by the vapor-liquid-solid method using a low pressure chemical vapor deposition reactor and different flows of the GeH4 and Si2H6 gas precursors. The morphology of the nanowires was studied by field emission scanning electron microscopy, and the length, diameter and density of nanowires were determined. Their structure and crystallinity were analyzed by transmission electron microscopy and its related techniques. Energy dispersive X-ray emission of individual nanowires as well a Raman spectroscopy were used to determine their composition and to analyze its homogeneity.



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