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Si1−xGex Bulk Crystals Growth and PN Junction Formation by Diffusing Phosphorus

  • S. Kato (a1), T. Horikoshi (a1), T. Ohkubo (a1), T. Iida (a1) and Y. Takano (a1)...


The bulk crystal of silicon germanium was grown by vertical Bridgman method with germanium composition, x, varying from 0.6 to 1.0. The temperature dependent variation of the mobility is indicative of alloy scattering dominantly for the bulk wafer. Phosphorus was diffused in as-grown p-type bulk wafer at 850 °C to form pn-junction, and the diffusion coefficient of phosphorus was evaluated as a function of x. The diffusion behavior of phosphorus in silicon germanium is closely correlated with the germanium self-diffusion with changing x. For specimens with lower content x, P concentration profiles indicated “kink and tail” shape, while it was not observed for higher x. For current-voltage characteristics measurement, an ideality factor was obtained.



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