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Short-Time Hydrogen Passivation of Poly-Si CMOS Thin film Transistors by High Dose Rate Plasma Ion Implantation

  • Shu Qin (a1), James D. Bernstein (a1), Yuanzhong Zhou (a1), Wei Liu (a1), Chung Chan (a2) and Tsu-Jae King (a3)...


Plasma ion implantation (PII) hydrogenation has been developed for defect passivation in polycrystalline silicon (poly-Si) thin film transistors (TFTs). A high dose rate PII process using a microwave multipolar bucket (MMB) plasma source and a 12.5 kHz pulse generator achieves saturation of device parameter improvement in 5 minutes, which is much shorter than other hydrogenation methods investigated thus far. These results have been achieved in one sixth the implant time of our previous PII experiments and are in good agreement with our process simulation.



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