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Sequential Operation of Three Distinct Misfit Dislocation Introduction Mechanisms in an Epitaxial Bilayer Film

  • V. Gopal (a1), E. P. Kvam (a1), E.-H. Chen (a2) and J. M. Woodall (a2)


Mismatch stress relaxation mechanisms in bilayer films of (In, Al)As on InAs on GaP have been examined. Initial edge (90°) misfit dislocations at the InAs/GaP interface appear to be introduced directly at island edges during initial stages of growth. The incomplete mismatch compensation is taken up by later introduction of glissile (60°) dislocations, usually in pairs which combine to form edge dislocations. The edge dislocations in the interface then move laterally to equalize their spacings. The upper (In, Al)As capping layer, which is tensile strained to match the relaxed InAs, exhibits a different mechanism of misfit dislocation introduction. Threading dislocations move by climb, directly introducing sessile edge dislocations at the buried interface. It is believed this is the first time that this mechanism has been observed.



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