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Semiconductor Detectors Fabricated from TlBr Crystals

  • Keitaro Hitomi (a1), Tsutomu Tada (a1), Seong-Yun Kim (a1), Yan Wu (a1), Hiromichi Yamazaki (a1), Tadayoshi Shoji (a2) and Keizo Ishii (a3)...


Frisch collar detectors were fabricated from TlBr crystals with the dimensions of 2 mm × 2 mm × 4.4 mm. Spectroscopic performance of the TlBr Frisch collar detectors was evaluated at room temperature. An energy resolution of 2.9% FWHM at 662 keV was obtained from the detector without the depth correction. The detector exhibited stable spectral performance for 12 hours. Direct measurements of electron mobility-lifetime products were performed with the detectors. The TlBr crystals exhibited the electron mobility-lifetime products of ∼10−3 cm2/V at room temperature.



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