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Self-assembled oligonucleotide semiconductor conjugated to GaN nanostructures for biophotonic applications

  • A. Neogi (a1), J. Li (a1), A. Sarkar (a2), P. B. Neogi (a3), B. Gorman (a1), T. Golding (a1) and H. Morkoc (a4)...


We investigate the optical properties of a new class of wide-bandgap semiconductor based biomaterial system. We have synthesized a guanosine derivative with a strong dipole moment, which self-assemble in ∼ 50 –100 nm confined pits to form a ribbon like semiconductor structure (SAGC). SAGC were successfully self-assembled on GaN/AlN QD matrix and the luminescence from GaN QDs can be resonantly transferred to the SAGC molecules resulting in a significant enhancement in emission from the guanine molecules. We also propose the design of ultraviolet-visible photonic bandgap structures based on hybrid SAGC-GaN photonic crystal.



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