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Selective Oxidation to Form Dielectric Apertures for Low Threshold VCSELs and Microcavity Spontaneous Light Emitters

  • D. G. Deppe (a1), D. L. Huffaker (a1), L. A. Graham (a1), Z. Zou (a1) and S. Csutak (a1)...


Selective oxidation of AlAs (or AlGaAs) can be used to form buried, low refractive index apertures within high Q Fabry-Perot microcavities. These apertures provide electrical and optical confinement, and for vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers (VCSELs) have resulted in ultra-low threshold room temperature lasing with threshold currents under 25 μA. When used with quantum dot light emitters, the oxide-apertured microcavity can also be used to control the spontaneous lifetime. We describe the microcavity fabrication based on high Q Fabry-Perot microcavities and selective oxidation, and design and cavity Q constraints for apertured microcavities for quantum well and quantum dot VCSELs and microcavity LEDs. Threshold current densities of quantum well VCSELs are as low as 98 A/cm2, while ground state lasing is also obtained for quantum dot VCSELs. Our initial experiments on microcavities with very small apertures and quantum dot emitters demonstrate up to a factor of 2.3 increase in the spontaneous emission rate.



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Selective Oxidation to Form Dielectric Apertures for Low Threshold VCSELs and Microcavity Spontaneous Light Emitters

  • D. G. Deppe (a1), D. L. Huffaker (a1), L. A. Graham (a1), Z. Zou (a1) and S. Csutak (a1)...


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