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Rutherford Backscattering and Photoluminescence Studies of Erbium Implanted GaAs

  • S. E. Daly, M. O. Henry (a1), E. Alves (a2), J. C. Soares (a3), R. Gwilliam (a4), B. J. Sealy (a4), K Freitag (a5), R. Vianden (a5) and D. Stievenard (a6)...


The results of parallel RBS and photoluminescence studies of erbium implanted GaAs are presented. Low dose implantations do not produce any significant PL signals, and the dose must be in the range le14 to le15 /cm2 in order that Er related emission dominates in the PL spectrum. A comprehensive analysis of the effects of coimplantation with oxygen on the Er luminescence is reported and the data are compared to those of GaAs:Er and AIGaAs:Er samples grown by MBE. The evidence indicates that, at high doses, ErAs precipitates are formed unless oxygen is co-implanted, and that the Er atoms which produce the luminescence occupy substitutional Ga sites.



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