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Roughness Exponents, Microstructure, Correlation Length, and the Possible Origin of Selfaffine Fracture

  • M. Hinojosa (a1), J. Aldaco (a1), R. Rodríguez (a2) and U. Ortiz (a1)


The self-affine character of the fracture surfaces of metals, polymers and ceramics has been well documented over the past two decades. It has been established that these surfaces are selfaffine objects characterized by so called ‘universal’ roughness exponents independent of the microstructure and the loading conditions. Here we show that the self-affine correlation length is closely associated with the microstructure heterogeneities. We also explore the possibility of the existence of attractor values that govern the fracture process, as opposed to universal exponents. The possible origin of this behavior is also briefly discussed.



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