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Room-temperature Ferromagnetism in Nanostructured Co-doped ZnO

  • M. Wei (a1), N. Khare (a1), K. A. Yates (a1), D. Zhi (a1) and J. L. MacManus-Driscoll (a1)...


Nanosized Co-doped ZnO samples were synthesized using an ultrasonic spray assisted chemical vapour deposition method. Microstructural and magnetic properties of these samples were studied. The room-temperature ferromagnetism was observed in the Co-doped ZnO. Also, x-ray analysis revealed a wurtzite ZnO structure with a small change of the lattice constants due to the doping of Co in ZnO. Raman spectroscopy of the Co-doped ZnO films indicated direct substitution of Co. Scanning electron microscopy showed nanostructured Co-doped ZnO with a ring or cup shape. Transmission electron microscopy analysis revealed nano grains within the rings of an average diameter of around 10 nm. Both energy dispersive spectroscopy and energy-filtered transmission electron microscopy indicated a uniform distribution of Co.



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Room-temperature Ferromagnetism in Nanostructured Co-doped ZnO

  • M. Wei (a1), N. Khare (a1), K. A. Yates (a1), D. Zhi (a1) and J. L. MacManus-Driscoll (a1)...


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