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Role of Surface and Growth-Zone Reactions in the Formation Process of µc-Si:H

  • A. Matsuda (a1) and T. Goto (a2)


The role of the surface reaction is discussed in the formation process of µc-Si:H in comparison to that of a-Si:H. It is suggested that the responsible radicals for the formation of µc-Si:H are SiH3 as same in the case of a-Si:H depositions. On the top film-growing surface, a lot of H atoms reach the surface during the course of the μc-Si:H growth giving rise to the change in the surface condition, i. e. the loss probability of SiH3 radicals is increased. At the same time, a full H-coverage of the surface is expected which enhances the surface diffusion of SiH3 radicals, leading to the appearance of a gc nucleus. Moreover, it is speculated that the reaction in the growth zone is not necessary for the nucleation process in µc-Si:H.



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Role of Surface and Growth-Zone Reactions in the Formation Process of µc-Si:H

  • A. Matsuda (a1) and T. Goto (a2)


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