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Rheed Study of Strain Relaxation in Epitaxial Cds and Sn Overlayers

  • David W. Niles (a1) and Hartmut Höchst (a1)


The relaxation of strain in epitaxial overlayers is studied through an analysis of RHEED patterns. From the separation of the RHEED reflections, we determine the in-plane lattice constants for α-Sn/Cd0.8Zn0.2Te(100), CdS/GaAs(100), and CdS/CdTe(100) heterostructures. The discussion focuses on the critical thickness of the overlayers and the relaxation of the inplane lattice constant (a) of epitaxial films which exceed the critical thickness. Predictions based on Matthews and Blakeslee's mechanical equilibrium theory show reasonable agreement with our experimental findings, indicating that the metastability of the epitaxial overlayers does not cause a significant reduction in the critical film thickness.



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