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Regrowth of Amorphized Compound Semiconductors

  • W.G. Opyd (a1) and J.F. Gibbons (a2)


Epitaxial regrowth is investigated for layers of InSb and GaAs amorphized by liquid nitrogen temperature ion implants. Experimental criterion for amorphization and limitation of regrowth are correlated with damage calculated by a Boltzmann transport equation approach to ion implant modeling. Conditions for complete epitaxial regrowth as determined by channeled Rutherford backscattering spectrometry are presented with evaluation of residual defects by transmission electron microscopy. Electrical activation following regrowth of GaAs is reported and correlated with calculated damage profiles.



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Regrowth of Amorphized Compound Semiconductors

  • W.G. Opyd (a1) and J.F. Gibbons (a2)


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