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Reconstruction of the 3-D Atomic Structure of CoSi2 (111) by Photoelectron Holography

  • Y. Zhoul (a1) (a2), X. Chen (a2), J. C. Campuzano (a1) (a2), G. Jennings (a2), K. Gofron (a1) (a2), H. Ding (a1) (a2) and D. K. Saldin (a3)...


We report the use of photoelectron holography for the study of the atomic geometry of the (111) surface of single crystal CoSi2. We employ as a reference wave the Co 3p core electron emitted with a kinetic energy of 695 eV by absorption of synchrotron radiation. Remarkably sharp images of the nearest Si neighbors of the Co emitter were found using a computer reconstruction algorithm which compensates for the anisotropies of both reference and object waves. Comparison with other reconstruction schemes such as the Helmholtz-Kirchoff (HK) algorithm and the scattered-wave included Fourier transform (SWIFT), demonstrates the necessity of compensating for the reference-wave anisotropy.



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