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Real-Time Investigation of NanoFET Current Surge Capability During Heavy Ion Irradiation

  • Kan Xie (a1), Steven Allen Hartz (a1), Virginia M. Ayres (a1), Zhun Liu (a1), Benjamin W. Jacobs (a1), Thomas Baumann (a2), Reginald M. Ronningen (a2), Albert F. Zeller (a2) and Mary Anne Tupta (a3)...


The real-time electronic performance of a gallium nitride nanowire-based field effect transistor was investigated at five-minute intervals over thirty minutes of continuous irradiation by Xenon-124 relativistic heavy ions. An initial current surge that resulted in device improvement rather than device failure was observed. The current surge, and subsequent electronic behavior, was modeled using a combined thermionic emission-tunnelling approach, leading to information about barrier height, carrier concentrations, expected temperature behavior, and tunnelling.



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