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Rapid Thermal Oxidation of Lightly Doped Silicon in N2O

  • S.C. Sun (a1), L.S. Wang (a1), F.L. Yeh (a1), T.S. Lai (a1) and Y.H. Lin (a1)...


In this paper, a detailed study is presented for the growth kinetics of rapid thermal oxidation of lightly-doped silicon in N2O and O2 on (100), (110), and (111) oriented substrates. It was found that (110)-oriented Si has the highest growth rate in both N2O and dry O2, and (100) Si has the lowest rate. There is no “crossover” on the growth rate of rapid thermal N2O oxidation between (110) Si and (111) Si as compared to oxides grown in furnace N2O. Pressure dependence of rapid thermal N2O oxidation is reported for the first time. MOS capacitor results show that the low-pressure (40 Torr) N2O-grown oxides have much less interface state generation and charge trapping under constant current stress as compared to oxides grown in either 760 Torr N2O or O2 ambient.



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Rapid Thermal Oxidation of Lightly Doped Silicon in N2O

  • S.C. Sun (a1), L.S. Wang (a1), F.L. Yeh (a1), T.S. Lai (a1) and Y.H. Lin (a1)...


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