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Rapid Electrical Sintering of Nanoparticle Stuctures

  • Ari T. Alastalo (a1), Tomi Mattila (a1), Mark L. Allen (a1), Mikko J. Aronniemi (a1), Jaakko H. Leppäniemi (a1), Kimmo A. Ojanperä (a1), Mika P. Suhonen (a1) and Heikki Seppä (a1)...


A method for rapid electrical sintering (RES) of nanoparticle structures on temperature-sensitive substrates is presented. For an inkjetted silver nanoparticle conductor, a conductance increase of five orders of magnitude is demonstrated to occur in a timescale that typically varies between a few and one hundred milliseconds depending on process parameters. Furthermore, most of the conductance change takes only a few microseconds. The achievable final conductivities are within a factor of two from the bulk silver conductivity, as calculated using the external geometric dimensions of the structure ignoring porosity. The method is also applicable to other inorganic conductors such as indium-tin-oxide (ITO). More generally, the method offers a versatile tool in nanotechnology for electrical functionalization of nanoparticle structures. The method is also potentially suited for mass production.



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