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Raman Spectroscopy for Carbon Based Amorphous Thin Films

  • Giuseppe Compagnini (a1)


Vibrational spectroscopies and in particular Raman spectroscopy are known to be among the most useful tools to characterize and control the properties of carbon materials. This is because of the possibility to detect and study the carbon bonding state and because of the strong correlation between shape and width of the vibrational signals and the structure of the amorphous network. The aim of this work is to present some experiments in which the formation and evolution of carbon films obtained by energetic particle irradiation of solid targets or by deposition of carbonaceous species onto suitable surfaces, are controlled and studied by these methods. Particular attention will be given to pure amorphous carbon films and carbon based binary alloys.



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Raman Spectroscopy for Carbon Based Amorphous Thin Films

  • Giuseppe Compagnini (a1)


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