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Raman Spectroscopic Analysis of p-doped Bridged InP Nanowire

  • Ataur Sarkar (a1), M. Saif Islam (a2), Sungsoo Yi (a3) and A. Alec Talin (a4)


Raman spectroscopy was performed on magnesium (Mg) doped InP nanowires bridged between single crystal vertical silicon electrodes using a green laser (λ∼ 532 nm). First order TO-phonon and LO phonon-plasmon peaks observed at 305 cm−1 and 345 cm−1, respectively, are consistent with those for bulk single crystal InP. Misorientation of the nanowires is found to influence the TO and LO peak intensities. Bottom broadening up to ∼20 cm−1 of the TO peak due to the energy dispersion in the shifted Stokes spectrum is observed in long (∼6 μm) nanowires. Raman measurements indicated a trace of uncatalyzed InP on the insulating silicon oxide substrate and was verified through the electrical measurements of leakage currents before and after the nanowire growth. Initial investigation reveals that Raman spectroscopy can be a very useful in the study of nanowire heterostructures.



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