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Raman and Photoluminescence Mapping of Lattice Matched InGaP/GaAs Heterostructures

  • G. Attolini (a1), P. Fallini (a1), F. Germini (a1), C. Pelosi (a1), O. Martínez (a2), L. F. Sanz (a2), M. A. González (a2) and J. Jiménez (a2)...


The influence of the substrate on composition and CuPt-type spontaneous order of MOVPE lattice matched InGaP/GaAs layers was studied. The study was carried out by microRaman and microphotoluminescence. The order was determined by the band gap, while the Raman parameters were also contributed by the surface topography that was also related to the type of substrate. The spontaneous order increases with Si- doping of the substrates. Doping the layers with Zn randomises the alloy.



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