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Quasi-Thermodynamic Analysis of Metalorganic Vapor Phase Epitaxy of GaN

  • Shukun Duan (a1) and Dacheng Lu (a2)


A thermodynamic analysis of GaN grown by MOVPE has been proposed based on quasi-thermodynamic equilibrium established on the solid-vapor interface. Phase diagrams for the MOVPE growth of GaN using TEGa and NH3 has been calculated. The phase diagram is consists of four phases regions: the region for single condensed phase of GaN, the region for double condensed phase of GaN (s) +Ga(l), the etching region with Ga droplets and the etching region without Ga droplets. The effect of growth temperature, reactor pressure, content of carrier gas, deposition ratio of NH3 and V/III ratio upon growth of GaN using MOVPE has been studied.



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