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Pyroelectric Effects on 1T-1C Fram and 1Tr Fram

  • In Kyeong Yoo (a1), I.S. Chung (a1), C.J. Kim (a1), J.K. Lee (a1), B.K. Jeon (a2) and S.B. Desu (a3)...


Pyroelectric effect on ferroelectricity was examined for PZT capacitors with diodes in series. It was observed that the magnitude of the polarization reversal increases as heating rate increases. The polarization reversal begins to decrease as heating rate becomes very high, which may stem from the fact that pyroelectric charges flow through the PZT film at high temperature as the film loses its resistance at the elevated temperature. A pure remanent polarization reversal model is suggested for the polarization reversal caused by pyroelectric charges. Based on the above results, a thermal shock test method is proposed for quality control of FRAM products. The thermal shock test reveals that pyroelectric effect can be minimized by controlling process for 1T-1C FRAM. It was also observed, by the thermal shock test, that imprint dominates pyroelectric effect in 1Tr cell with MFIS structure.



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