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Pulsed Laser Deposition of Highly Crystalline Gan Films on Sapphire

  • R. D. Vispute (a1), V. Talyansky (a1), S. Chupoon (a1), R. Enck (a1), T. Dahmas (a1), S. B. Ogale (a1), R. P. Sharma (a1), T. Venkatesan (a1), Y. X. Li (a2), L. G. Salamanca-Riba (a2), A. A. Iliadis (a3), M. He (a4), X. Tang (a4), J. B. Halpern (a4), M. G. Spencer (a4), M. A. Khan (a5), K. A. Jones (a6), V. Bel'kov (a7), V. Botnaryuk (a7), I. Diakonu (a7), L. Fedorov (a7) and Y. Zhilyaev (a7)...


We report high quality epitaxial growth of GaN film by pulsed laser deposition technique. In this method, a KrF pulsed excimer laser was used for ablation of a polycrystalline, stoichiometric GaN target. The ablated material was deposited on a substrate kept at a distance of ∼ 7 cm from the target surface and in an NH3 background pressure of 10−5 Torr and temperature of 750°C. The films (∼0.5 μm thick) grown on AIN buffered sapphire showed a x-ray diffraction rocking curve FWHM of 4–6 arc minutes. The ion channeling minimum yield in the surface region was ∼3% indicating a high degree of crystallinity. The optical band gap was found to be 3.4 eV. The epitaxial films were shiny, and the surface RMS roughness was ∼ 5–15 nm. The electrical resistivity of these films was in the range of 10−2–102 Ω-cm with a mobility in excess of 60 cm2V-1s−1 and carrier concentration of 1017–1019cm−3.



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