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Pulsed Laser Deposition and Characterization of Superconducting Ba1−xKxBiO3 Thin Films

  • C. E. Platt (a1), M. R. Teepe (a1), C. Ciofl (a1), H. Zhang (a1), V. P. Dravid (a1), R. A. Schweinfurth (a1), D. J. Van Harlingen (a1), J. A. Eades (a1), C. H. Lin (a1), D. Strother (a2) and R. Hammond (a2)...


We report on high quality Ba1−xKxBiO3 (BKBO) thin films grown by pulsed laser deposition. The best films exhibit resistive and magnetic transition temperatures of 28 K, with a transition width of 0.4 K and critical current densities above 106 A/cm2 measured at 5 K. Surface impedance is measured to be 1 mΩ. Films are single phase and highly oriented in the (100) direction and electron diffraction shows no other phases. Analysis using Moire' fringes shows films to consist of 100 nm size dislocation-free regions which show a high degree of in-plane epitaxy.



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