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P-type Conduction in Bulk ZnSe by Nitrogen Ion-Implantation

  • M. K. Jin (a1), T. Yasuda (a1), K. Shahzad (a2) and J. L. Merz (a1)


P-type conduction in bulk ZnSe has been achieved using 1×1016 cm−2 nitrogen (N) ionimplantation followed by a high temperature rapid thermal annealing. Room temperature Hall effect measurements of the sample show that the hole concentration is ∼1×1017 cm−3, and the mobility is ∼30 cm2/V-s. Photoluminescence (PL) measurements were performed to study the optical behavior of the samples, and the results show that the ion implantation damage can be partially repaired by thermal annealing at 900°C or higher. Thermal degradation and recovery of the ion-implantation damage were studied as a function of the annealing temperature.



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