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Proximity-Effect and Tunneling in YBa2Cu3O7/Metal Layered Structures

  • L. H. Greene (a1), W. L. Feldmann (a1), J. B. Barrier (a1), L. A. Farrow (a1), P. F. Miceli (a1), R. Ramesh (a1), B. J. Wilkens (a1), B. G. Bagley (a1), M. Giroud (a2) and J.M. Rowell (a3)...


Superconducting thin films of YBa2Cu3O7 are prepared in-situ by on-axis, sputter deposition from a single, composite target. Our planar magnetron target composition of Y:Ba:Cu = 1.08:1.76:4.5 sputtered onto MgO at T~750°C in a 600mTorr Ar-O2 atmosphere yields reproducible superconducting films having Tc(R = 0)>80K and stoichiometry 1:2:3, that are shiny and of near epitaxial, crystalline quality. In order to ensure clean interfaces, YBa2Cu3O7/normal metal bilayers (to form SNS' Josephson junctions) and YBa2Cu3O7/normal metal/insulating barrier trilayers (to form SNIS' proximity tunnel junctions) are grown completely in-situ. (The S' = Pb counter electrode is evaporated ex-situ.) A supercurrent and Shapiro steps are observed in microwave irradiated SNS' (N = Ag) small area (5x10-5cm2) junctions. In SNIS' tunnel junctions, high-quality Pb tunneling is observed.



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