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Prospects of a-Sige:H Alloys for Solar Cell Application

  • C.M. Fortmann (a1)


The transport properties of intrinsic a-SiGe films are found to be limited by poor electron mobility. The relationship between electronic transport and composition (Si, Ge and H content) is established. The electron mobility decreases with increasing hydrogen content for a given Ge content. The relation between growth conditions and film composition is developed. Growth conditions that reduce the extent of gas phase polymerization as well as the flux of hydrogen radical to the growth surface yield the best electronic transport. The best a-SiGe:H alloys of 1.3 eV band gap are used to study the effects of band gap grading on solar cell performance. Solar cells analysis is used to determine both hole and electron transport. Cell designs that minimize performance loss due to poor electron mobility are considered.



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