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The Properties of Silica and Hybrid Nanostructures

  • Avi Shalav (a1), Robert Elliman (a2) and Taehyun Kim (a3)


SiOx nanowires can be grown via the vapor-liquid-solid growth mechanism using SiO vapor produced during the active oxidation of a Si substrate. The as-grown SiOx nanowire have a range of useful physical properties but can also be used as large surface area substrates for the growth of secondary materials. In this study we report the use of optically active impurities to grow and dope secondary nanowire structures, and the use of simple coating methods to enhance and extend the functionality of these unique nanowire substrates.



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The Properties of Silica and Hybrid Nanostructures

  • Avi Shalav (a1), Robert Elliman (a2) and Taehyun Kim (a3)


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