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Properties of Ferromagnetic GaGdN

  • J. K. Hite (a1), R. P. Davies (a2), R. M. Frazier (a3), G. T. Thaler (a4), C. R. Abernathy (a5), S. J. Pearton (a6) and J. M. Zavada (a7)...


Single phase GaGdN and GaGdN:Si films were grown on sapphire substrates. The undoped films were highly resistive films but became conductive with the addition of Si. SQUID magnetometry indicated room temperature ferromagnetism in both types of materials. Structural defects had a strong influence on the magnetic ordering of the material, as seen in a drastic reduction of magnetic moment with degrading crystalline quality. Magnetization of the co-doped film increased with Si content, reaching levels higher than that of the undoped material. Gd-doped AlN films grown in a similar fashion also displayed Curie temperatures above room temperature.



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