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Progress in the Preparation of Aluminum Nitride Substrates from Bulk Crystals

  • J.C. Rojo (a1), L.J. Schowalter (a1) (a2), Glen Slack (a1) (a2), K. Morgan (a1), J. Barani (a1), S. Schujman (a2), S. Biswas (a2), B. Raghothamachar (a3), M. Dudley (a3), M. Shur (a2) (a4), R. Gaska (a2) (a4), N.M. Johnson (a5) and M. Kneissl (a5)...


Large (11-mm diameter) single-crystal AlN boules have been prepared using sublimationrecondensation growth. X-ray topography shows that substrates prepared from those boules have a dislocation density of less than 500 cm-2, while the central region of these substrates was nearly dislocation-free. Rocking curves of less than 10 arcsecs have been obtained indicating the high quality of these crystals. The AlN substrates have been used to growth an AlGaN/AlN multiquantum well structure with excellent crystalline quality and with photoluminescence peaked at around 260nm. In addition, a UV LED with emission wavelength at 360nm has been fabricated. This is the first operating opto-electronic device demonstrated on an AlN substrate.



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