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Progress and Challenges for Chemical Mechanical Polishing of Gallium Nitride

  • Hideo Aida (a1) (a2), Toshiro Doi (a2), Tsutomu Yamazaki (a2), Hidetoshi Takeda (a1) and Koji Koyama (a1)...


Progress and challenges for chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) of GaN are discussed in detail by focusing on the importance of GaN surface oxidation during CMP. We report on the significant difference in the removal rates between Ga2O3 and GaN, suggesting that the surface oxidation reaction is the rate-limiting step for CMP of Ga-faced GaN. This is actually proved by the fact that ex-situ surface oxidation by annealing in air prior to CMP exhibits a marked reduction in the required CMP time to produce a damage-free surface. As a future challenge, we outline two of our recent developments, ultraviolet-assisted CMP and atmosphere-controlled CMP, that enable in-situ oxidation, since ex-situ oxidation must be modified to in-situ to further advance CMP.



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Progress and Challenges for Chemical Mechanical Polishing of Gallium Nitride

  • Hideo Aida (a1) (a2), Toshiro Doi (a2), Tsutomu Yamazaki (a2), Hidetoshi Takeda (a1) and Koji Koyama (a1)...


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