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Production of complex nano-structures by electro-hydro-dynamics

  • Ignacio G. Loscertales (a1), A. Barrero (a2) and Manuel Márquez (a3)


The use of electro-hydro-dynamic (EHD) forces to generate highly charged coaxial jets of immiscible fluids, with diameters in the micro and nano regime, has unravel itself as a very interesting choice for producing complex nanostructures from a vast variety of precursors, provided they can solidify, polymerize or gel, in times comparable or shorter than the living time of the coaxial nanojet. For time ratios larger than one, the result of the process are micro or nanocapsules, while for time ratios smaller than one coaxial nanofibers are produced. We show examples of both situations, with organic and inorganic precursors. On the other hand, realization of the process in a liquid bath opens the door to production of controlled micro and nanosized complex emulsions.



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Production of complex nano-structures by electro-hydro-dynamics

  • Ignacio G. Loscertales (a1), A. Barrero (a2) and Manuel Márquez (a3)


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