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Production and Characterization of Circularly Polarized Soft X-Rays for Materials Research at the ALS

  • Anthony T. Young (a1), Jeffrey B. Kortright (a1), Zahid Hussain (a1), Vladimir Martynov (a1), Howard A. Padmore (a1), Tim Renner (a1), Neville V. Smith (a1) and Tony Warwick (a1)...


The experimental program at the Advanced Light Source to produce and characterize circularly polarized x-rays is described. A number of beamlines are either operating or under construction which produce circularly polarized light. Bend magnets, multilayer phase retarders, and insertion devices which directly produce circularly polarized radiation are described. These beamlines will have capabilities for both microscopy and high resolution spectroscopy. Measurements of the linear and circular polarization of these beamlines are also described.



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